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We have more than 13 years experience designing Flash websites and are the owner of the world's first website selling Flash templates.


You most likely found us because we are located high in the search engines. This is a service we can also provide to you.

CSS Web Design

We develop custom CSS websites Optimsed for the search engines starting from US$1000.


Copywriting for the Web If you have a website, or are setting one up, you probably have an idea what you want it to look like.

But have you thought about what kind of copy to put on it?

Many websites aren't read because the web copy is long-winded, boring, uses jargon and is laid out improperly. Visitors quickly scan a web page and switch off in seconds if they don't read anything that interests them. Words are what draws people to your site from search engines and words are what will convince them to buy your product or service.

Here are a few important web writing pointers:

  • Write web copy in a personal yet professional manner.
  • Break up big blocks of text into small pieces and use headings and bullet points.
  • Target the writing to the visitor of your website, using language that appeals to the website's audience.
  • Point to the core of a subject in a few words.
  • Organise your web copy in a logical way.
  • Optimize web copy for search engines (SEO search engine optimization) and use relevant keywords and key phrases, to help increase your overall search engine ranking.
  • Use hyperlinks in the text to guide the visitor to certain important pages, such as the 'buy' page.

Need a professional and experienced website copywriter to help you with your website copy? You may contact us at micky@contentwriter.com.au


Some of our clients who we have helped out with their website recently include:


Do it Yourself?

For people who simply prefer to create Flash slideshows and Flash intros do things on their own, we can recommended the Amara Flash software applications available at amarasoftware.com