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Flash Designer

Flash Design

We have more than 13 years experience designing Flash websites and are the owner of the world's first website selling Flash templates.


You most likely found us because we are located high in the search engines. This is a service we can also provide to you.

CSS Web Design

We develop custom CSS websites Optimsed for the search engines starting from US$1000.


Over the last 10 years we have been involved in the development and Search Engine Optimisation of several Flash Software applications. Early 2008 we decided to launch the first application under the Flashdesigner.com.au lable.

Flashkicker is developed with .Net which is starting to look like a rather promising platform, as it's preinstalled on all Windows Vista and XP computers.

Flashkicker is a small but nufty tool, that allows the user to add a small Flash preloader in front of a Flash animation, which will give the viewer an indication of how long it will take before the animation will become visible.

Flashkicker sells for an affordable US$14.95, which makes it one of these small tools that should be part of every webmaster toolset.



Some of our clients who we have helped out with their website recently include:


Do it Yourself?

For people who simply prefer to create Flash slideshows and Flash intros do things on their own, we can recommended the Amara Flash software applications available at amarasoftware.com